Top HRMS features that startups and small businesses should adopt

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Today’s market is a competitive jungle. Firms and organizations put out their best, innovate rather rapidly and try to remain sane on their brand image to bring big bucks home. This is, to say the least, that the firms in consideration are rather huge and have decades’ worth of experience in their portfolio. But what about the smaller businesses? What about startups? Obviously, their dream of flying high in this space demands a certain invention or perfect innovation in their products and service offering. And despite attracting big-dollar investors, these firms succumb to internal mismanagement fiascos. Also, there are thousands of other small businesses that don’t run towards angel investing. The situation that we’re trying to point to is, big or small, aggressive or flamboyant, every firm needs proper internal employee management and HR system to efficiently grow their business. And HRMS systems are a great solution to this conundrum.

HRMS systems have been there for quite some time now and they’ve effectively managed to saturate their feature-rich platforms with top-notch cutting edge innovation-led technologies to help their clients beautifully manage their internal processes, payroll structure, hiring schedules, and more. HRMS platforms not only help HR managers with HR-oriented problems but also work for the benefit of the firm to provide deep insights and tracking facilities for the company to assess their performance and channelize their, albeit limited, resources in an organized manner. There are lots of HRMS platforms out there, offering similar but different product features. Today, we look at the top 3 of these features of HRMS that small businesses and startups should adopt.

Hiring and Retention: For smaller businesses with tighter budgets, precision hiring and talent retention of employees in which they’ve invested is a crucial thing. HRMS platforms offer robotic interviews and candidate analysis metrics for proper skills and personality assessment. This helps reduce biases and faulty hiring which can be detrimental for the company. For internal employees, AI/ML readings can predict possible resignation trends based on behavioral patterns and companies can make certain changes to retain said human capital.

Zero-touch Payroll: Zero-touch payroll is the next big innovation in payroll tech wherein firms can access always-ready payroll data and compare salary components with ease. This feature helps in eliminating additional salary generation steps and lets payroll processing faster, smoother, and more efficient. Zero-touch payroll also tells about real-time salary projections and gives overviews to cost monitoring of resources.

Performance Evaluation: Analysing the employee base, looking for redundancies and non-utilized skill sets, and reorganizing the entire team workflow is a big advantage for firms. Analytic reports and tracking metrics precisely measure out the company’s health in terms of resource allocation and provide effective solutions for performance appreciation and planning.


HRMS solutions are a great addition to businesses. They provide an updated employee portal and useful metrics to the firms apart from being really handy in regular, repetitive HR tasks that help in time-saving measures and resourcefulness. ZingNeo is one such analytics-focused AI-backed multi-platform HRMS platform with years of experience in its name. It is a great system for small businesses and a really affordable solution to employee management.

This article is presented through an independent perspective from ZingNeo. ZingNeo is the go-to spot for ultra-modern HRMS solutions designed specifically for smaller businesses. They are fully equipped with AI-enabled cloud-based analytics and intelligent HR solutions. For more information, drop a line at

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