Top 5 Mistakes that employees do in Remote work

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The pandemic brought us an unforeseen situation where we are forced to work remotely. The corporate world didn’t stop its normal functions, so the workforce across the globe adopted the ‘new work-culture”. Working remotely allowed us to spend some quality time with our loved ones but adapting to this new model came with a lot of challenges. Let’s look at the top five key mistakes that an employee does in a remote work setup:   

Lack of Communication  

The key to running an efficient operation is continuous collaboration and communication. However, employees do face a lot of challenges in doing so. Often, the words are misinterpreted and cause a communication gap and that affects the efficiency of the employee and also the team. In remote environments employees are unable to express their views and thoughts freely to their peers. Employees often require technical assistance whenever they get stuck at work. Poor communication leads to some adverse effects on the business. With ZingNeo, this communication gap can be mended through collaboration and contribution. Our solution facilitates you to work in groups and brainstorm new ideas. You can share your work updates and review progress in real-time while saving a lot of time which we unknowingly waste in a hierarchical organizational structure. 

Technical Issues  

For a non-technical person, it gets really difficult to understand the complex software interface and often they make mistakes while handling the application. But with the simple interface of ZingNeo, this problem can be avoided as it is very easy to use and built-in in such a way that they require no prior knowledge to use the application. 


Due to lack of proper planning of work an employee may work overtime which leads to less productivity, lack of interest, and often causes adverse health effects. With the help of HR software like the ZingNeo, you can log your daily efforts and plan your activities accordingly for the day. Proper planning makes you productive as well as efficient. It will also help your employees to do better time management and work on multiple tasks in an organized way.  

Lack of Motivation 

According to various open-source surveys, it has been found that employees who are working remotely are most likely to feel demotivated. Employees may miss the work environment, fun activities, and interactions with colleagues. In the ZingNeo HRMS system, various engaging modules are there like rewards and recognition, referral programs for the employees. These can serve as a motivating factor and can help the employees to work efficiently. Apart from that, the HR software allows employees to track their progress and evaluate their own performances. 

Not getting to know co-workers personally 

It is a major problem to not know your team members personally and it creates a communication gap and it gets difficult to function properly as a team. ZingNeo allows you to virtually connect with your team members. You can communicate better and also collaborate with your team and perform complex tasks effortlessly. 

This will be an ongoing challenge; therefore, companies especially startups need to reset their system and processes with an HRMS for SMBs, like ZingNeo, for smooth functioning of the business. Also, they need to come up with best practices for remote workers so that they can dodge gaffes and focus on being more productive. Assist your employees today by incorporating ZingNeo into your business! 

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