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HRs are underrated, and there might be this slight urgency to the matter that HRs are the ones who are targeted the earliest during planned company layoffs. Firms generally miscalculate this judgment thinking that HR processes are similar to top-tier management decisions, and this misconduct, more often than not, backfires. The reality lies in the behavioral science aspect that powers HR functions across different company verticals. And this is what HR truly symbolizes. 


With digital penetration and mass transformational acceptance, HR processes are slowly but surely moving towards dedicated platform-based services which are governed by HRMS software solutions. Now HRMS platforms have stayed around for quite some time and in all these years, one thing has been found to be absolutely certain: HRs are here to stay. See, there isn’t any problem with existing HRMS solutions or their offerings. In fact, with AI integration and analytics-based evaluation metrics, HRMS systems have become increasingly flexible and powerful. But as it is with all evolving systems, the general HR processes have become increasingly complicated owing to departmental integrations, employee collaborations, ethical realizations, M&As, and more. And subsequently, these complicated stances require proper HR mapping by experienced HR professionals. 

A smooth ride 

Automation is a specialized software solution for business and HR processes. And with automation, HRMS platforms are entitled to ascertain a certain degree of freedom to firms by taking over repetitive HR processes including employee performance evaluation, payroll processing, behavioral tracking, and more. While there is always going to be an emotional disconnect within automated processes, the HRMS platform’s automation tools can help HRs realize human dedicated processes more efficiently. It also helps in processing complex HR fixtures like hiring and retention with analytics-based candidate/employee evaluation, skill mapping, and emotional readings which HRs can read and assess very easily, much like a doctor’s pathology report. ZingNeo, India’s best cloud-based HRMS startup uses AI-integration and ML-mapping for evaluating employee performance, behavioral trends, candidate character mapping, and more for effective hiring and retention. It also tracks employee data for possible skill lapses, thereby providing reshuffling opportunities and e-learning platforms for the proper utilization of human capital within a firm. 

The road ahead 

Digital transformation opens up many gates for future development of HRMS platforms through proper orientation of basic HR activities with automation and analytic method implementations. And with several businesses channeling employee satisfaction protocols to the maximum, this outreach is destined to pave for compounding financial gains. More importantly, the proper adaptation of HRMS features is not only going to benefit internal employees but also help HRs in tackling niche customer-centric problems with AI-based analytics and automation procedures. And with an increasing amount of data floating around the interests of the customer and employee development measures, it has become judicious to assume that employees are in a sense pseudo-customers and a customer satisfaction mechanism affects people from both within and around the company. 

This article is presented through an independent perspective from ZingNeo. ZingNeo is the go-to spot for ultra-modern HRMS solutions that is backed by Microsoft. It is fully equipped with AI-enabled cloud-based analytics and intelligent HR solutions to help firms in various HR activities. For more information, book a free demo by dropping a line at 

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