Why do you need a Top HRMS company in India for payroll processing?

zingneo hrms

For the past few decades now, companies have thrived on the simple mantra of ‘customer first’ which indulges in giving priority to customers, direct consumers, and various clients. This approach increases CRV (customer referral value) metrics which ultimately boosts sales revenue. In this pursuit, the employee part of the firm gets overshadowed. This results in internal imbalance, employee dissatisfaction, and decreased productivity and efficiency. 
Problem with existing HRMS solutions 
With the advent of digital penetration, we’ve seen that more and more HR firms, software platforms, services, and cloud-based HR and payroll solutions have started coming up. This has helped streamline various corporate hiring processes and has helped different domain-specific firms increase productivity and project efficiency while staying at ease with payroll solutions and employee management. 
The problem however lies in the current state of offerings in this space. Most HR tech companies have numerous clients in their portfolio and it is obvious that their focus and service attention gets leaned more towards high-capacity customers. This creates an unfavorable scenario for SMBs and MSMEs who are mostly left unattended. 

The ‘smaller solution 
SMBs provide indigenous products and solutions, and with their small-scale operations and personalized services, they cater to a marginally smaller number of clients. Their design demands an HR solution that is concentrated in the niche structure of their organizations. This is where ZingNeo for startups and SMBs comes into the picture. ZingNeo is a cloud-based HR and payroll services solution that is specifically designed to provide solutions to small-scale businesses without compromising on productivity and functioning. 
ZingNeo proliferates industry-standard solutions and brings onto: 
1. a mobile-first approach for faster end-node delivery optimizations. 
2. an integrated performance management system for efficient monitoring of employee proficiency. 
3. a digital onboarding system for quicker and easier hiring of professionals, and, 
4. global community inclusiveness with multilingual support of over 26 global languages. 
ZingNeo is a newly developed subsidiary of ZingHR which specializes in HRMS cloud solutions and is among the best HR-tech services company in India. With over 2 decades of rich industry experience, ZingHR is a seasoned HR firm with numerous corporate collaborations. This mentored overlook gives ZingNeo an edge over other similar SMB-focused HR firms as it can integrate ZingHR’s time-tested technology and experience for its small-scale operations. 
ZingNeo offers a unique blend of minuscule cloud-tech HR computing in a refreshing take on SMB management solutions. And it achieves all of this while keeping the core modern HRMS solutions framework intact. This includes: 
-Manpower planning 
-Job confirmation processes after probation period 
-Employee information management 
-Transaction and leave policy management 
-Attendance and time tracking 
-Payroll processing 
-Salary change calculations 
-Resignation processes 
-Communication and Management of rules and regulation 
-Employee engagement 
-Statutory compliance 
-Training and development 
-Performance appraisal 
ZingNeo is a modern-age HR solution for a booming SMB industry that integrates peer experience and mobile-first technology to provide personalized services and management systems while giving focused, undivided attention for a rich customer experience. To learn more about our solution, request a demo now! 

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