How are startups adopting better HRMS and HRTech products?

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Effective management is the key to successful businesses. Multi-million dollar MNCs and firms have come up in the past couple of decades and various other companies of varying size, have existed for many many, generations. Some have evolved to become world leaders in their respective target segments and a few have created specialty status in niche domains through proper product/service deliveries and consistent market performance. In these many years of building successful businesses, companies have faced numerous challenges. One such challenge has been in creating an efficient employer-employee connectivity system.

With the dot-com boom and subsequent internet outreach, more and more companies started shifting their businesses to the cloud. This innovation gave rise to an efficient solution in integrated HR systems. Today, as every alternate company produces SAAS deliveries, they require their internal management to be equally efficient and tech-reliant. This is where HRMS and HRTech solutions come into the picture.

The HRMS outbreak

Employee management is troublesome and in-house systems often lack fundamental features for efficient human resource management. HRMS systems are effective people management solutions that offer numerous benefits to an organization. From generating multi-faceted employee portals to providing real-time integrated and synchronized services, HRMS platforms offer a plethora of well-rounded options to clients that help in increasing the efficiency and productivity of firms. And as the startup space is heating up, the need for good management systems is increasing. So, what defines a good HRMS system and how do startups choose the perfect integrated HR solution?

The answer lies not in the numerous features that different HRMS systems offer, but in how effectively they implement these services within their framework. Almost all HRTech products are jam-packed with features. But a good HRMS system is one that offers seamless interaction within its different module entities with an easy and reliant interface proposition and multiple platform support. ZingNeo, one of India’s leading HRMS providers for SMBs and startups, features various employee support solutions such as recruitment, payroll, workflows, training, benefits, analytics, talent retention, and more. It offers multiple platform support along with its state-of-the-art cloud-based AI implementation that provides intelligent analytics for effective insights and forecasts, necessary for employee management.

A Dedicated Focus
Startups owing to their budget constraint deprivation understand the need for better HRMS systems and often rely on those to implement resource-efficient tactics within the company. And for smart HRTech solutions, it is their responsibility to deliver on these expectations. ZingNeo sources its experience from ZingHR, an early innovator in this field. Thus, building on years of expertise, ZingNeo brings about a dedicated and time-tested HRMS solution that provides AI-integrated solutions for smaller firms with bigger dreams. And with startup oriented HRTech solution, this AI-based analytics platform can provide deeper insights to clients for fast and robust decision making that paves way for the ludicrous growth of the company.

ConclusionDedicated product/service attention and proper employee management are the leading features of successful businesses. With the current rise in startups looking for growth in the market, an effective solution to internal HR management is a proper HRMS system. ZingNeo is a leading provider of HRMS-HRTech solutions and boasts of an analytics-based cloud-integrated HRMS system that works seamlessly across multiple platforms. For more information on ZingNeo, drop a line at

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