Five critical things needed for building a great engagement in your Start-up?

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Corporate-start-up engagement is literally one of the most debatable topics across the industries but rarely defined, it can be confusing for individuals like HR professionals and managers who are assigned to the role of building a great engagement. 

Recently, a study conducted by 500 Start-ups and the result has shown that 68% of the top 100 Forbes Global 500 companies are constantly engaging with start-ups. Thus, if you are thinking about starting your own business or need to build a sense of teamwork among your employees, you’re probably searching for the right tool and also you need smart tips that you are likely to be able to combine into your business plan. In this blog, we will help you to understand the critical things needed for building a great engagement in your Start-up. 

Understanding the types of start-up engagement models 

Often companies struggle to find the best engagement model to maximize the ROI of their initiatives, so it’s important to have a system in place that would set a clear demarcation between the company’s objective and expectations from the workforce. In order to do that an HRMS stands out as the best management tool to define goals and engagement models in startup companies. ZingNeo our cloud HRMS solution offers several models like rewards and recognition to keep hardworking employees motivated and nurture employee engagement.   

Offering Training and Development Program 

It is almost impossible for a manager or leader to build a culture of trust and accountability — without proper engagement with the team. This means providing the proper training and development while removing possible obstacles can set the team up for success. With an end-to-end HRMS solution, you can set proper modules on training and development and empower your employees to do better in their roles.  

Engage workforce with meaningful tasks 

Employees who are focused and dedicated to their work have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company’s mission, purpose, and strategic objectives, which is why they first have to be placed in the right role. If you don’t set a specific role then it would add to the high employee turnover rates. If you don’t sort out those details quickly, they will leave. To solve this issue again you can resort to our HRMS ZingNeo that allows you to assign work to every employee and track their progress in real-time. 

Check-in regularly with your employees 

It’s crucial to keep a regular check on your employees especially in times of remote working as it boosts employee’s productivity and performance. Gone are those days when managers used to simply rely on mid-year reviews for providing feedback. Today’s workforce craves regular feedback which of course leads to faster course correction and reduces inefficiency. Practice both official and informal check-in tactics, and use them frequently. 

Have a frequent discussion on engagement activities 

Management personnel who are transparent in their approach and devoted to improving culture talks with their teams at frequent intervals. They hold quick meetings and engage everyone in the discussion and solutions to improve team performance. In modern HRMS you can arrange all engagement activities effortlessly and engage your entire team.  

These engagement efforts are not complex but must be prioritized. Companies that get this right will drive greater financial returns, surpass their competitors and easily establish a culture where everyone would love to work. Our HRMS- ZingNeo is designed specifically for startups, SMBS, and Micro Enterprises who are looking to adopt technology into their system and streamline their business process. To learn more about our AI-enabled HRMS, you can talk to our experts or request a demo to see how it fits into your business.  

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