Top 5 HRTech innovation-led products for startups

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Change is the only constant. This quote has held its own mettle for generations. But in this modern era where changes have started getting saturated from their practical standpoints, a new constant is emerging – innovation. Innovation is the modern definition of change and it perfectly encapsulates the subtlety of adopting persistent newer motion while not going too overboard with the whole shebang. Almost all walks of life evolve through innovation over time, some religiously, while others in a quiet prorated manner. But the most obvious sector for depicting strenuous, visible innovation is in the world of technology. Technology extends everywhere and it is imperative to understand the scope and scale of technology-aided processes and workflows to fully visualize its infinite presence in the world.

AI/ML backed HRMS solutions are the new Facebook in the world of technology and HR, and innovation-led HRTech products are a must-have for SMBs and startups to effectively manage their business, utilize proper time-saving processes, and upscale resource efficiency. And although this space is continuously coming up with new-age technologies, we thought to share our top 5 innovation-led HRTech products for small businesses and startups.

1. Robotic Interviews: Robotic interviews are a fun and innovative way of digital hiring wherein platforms can leverage AI-based analytics to drive facial and voice recognition to generate analytical insights into the candidate’s personality. It also helps in scheduling multiple interviews simultaneously, eliminates human biases, and prevents time-zone boundations.

2. Digital Onboarding: Digital onboarding provides a seamless, paperless onboarding experience for employees. Firms can adopt digital onboarding techniques for a faster and cleaner onboarding experience, smoother brand building, maximized candidate engagement, and reduced dropouts which drive impactful results.

3. Voice Forms: By utilizing real-time speech-to-text translation algorithms and data accuracy technologies, firms can leverage the digital form filling process by making it 80% faster, reducing drop rates, and becoming more efficient. And all of this can be enhanced through mobile-based platforms for ease of use.

4. Geo-Fencing: For a digitally connected workforce, geo-fencing can help firms to collaborate and manage employees more efficiently, enhance business outcomes and empower employees with flexible work timings thereby enhancing employee efficiency. Geo-tagging and location mapping help firms conduct groundwork more effectively and increase productivity.

5. Zero-touch Payroll: Zero-touch payroll processes enable firms to access always-ready payroll data, eliminate additional salary generation processes and compare salary components with ease. It also helps in real-time salary projections and real-time overview of resource cost monitoring.


Innovation is the key to success and firms innovate to stay relevant in the market and provide cutting-edge solutions to consumers to elevate their experience and make processes easier, smoother, and more time-efficient. Innovation is at the core of ZingNeo. At ZingHR and ZingNeo, the products and solutions are specifically curated to provide top-notch technology-laced HRMS solutions for firms to efficiently grow their businesses without bounds.

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