The Need For HR & Payroll Software and Its Advantages For SMBs

Zingneo hr software

Companies and institutions are everywhere and have shaped the course of human history for centuries now. As homo sapiens, we started off with incremental life-changing discoveries and in the process of building together entire civilizations, the thinkers within us modeled to revolutionize the pathways of our future. And in the process, we spent years creating institutions and firms to channelize human work prospects, develop incidental innovation and learning, and build society up into what we thought was the perfect place to be. But even after multiple iterations of trial and successes, we couldn’t figure out the endpoint to anything. And that’s because the sapient human nature of always reaching for the next level kicked in and we ended up forming newer generations of people who were even more hungry and optimistic to revolutionize the future of humankind. 

Today, there are seemingly thousands of smaller firms that hope to change the lives of billions with their ideas and inventions. And to give them the credit for trying precarious things, in the past few decades, many smaller companies grew up to become the world leaders in technology, innovation, and production management. This would not have been achieved without the valiant efforts of entrepreneurs who took the risk to stand out and do the unthinkable while being deeply connected to the people and deliver products and services for benefitting the people. 

Right now, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there who want to assert their existence in a fashion that is respectable to magnanimous companies of the past and present. But to achieve that, these smaller companies not only need to deliver product innovation and excellent service packages but also need a very efficient employee management system to control the expanding horizon of their firm’s worker base. This is where ZingNEO comes in. 

ZingNEO is a cloud-based HRMS system that uses AI and analytics to drive firms into becoming well-functioning, innovative companies that shape technology and innovation to help the world become a better place. ZingNEO is a Microsoft-backed startup that uses cloud HR technology, innovative HCM methodology, and over 2 decades of rich industry experience to drive company functions of smaller startups, SMBs and SMEs. Smaller firms need HRMS software solutions to gather information about their company’s working and portfolio health so that the founders and management entities take accurate decision-making steps. Here we look at some of the advantages that HRMS platforms bring for SMBs and smaller businesses. 

  • Helps in hiring efficient and skill-based professionals that can help the business rather than becoming a liability. 
  • Helps in keeping the attrition rate in check by bringing resignation trends of existing employees based on behavioural traits. 
  • Brings an effective employee performance evaluation system which leads to skill-mapping of employees within the firm to increase resourcefulness and reduce the information gap. 
  • Provides access to a dedicated employee portal where employees can check their payslips and corporate benefits, apply for health insurance policies, check-in through an interconnected time scheduling and leave-sanctioning system, leverage direct communication passages and more. 
  • Brings over a zero-touch payroll processing system for effortlessly calculating salary data, access an always-ready payroll metric, check the firm’s fund utilisation and compare and overview the resource cost monitoring. 
  • Helps in assimilating HR process results through HR analytics and AI for proper decision making. 
  • Additional nifty features like geo-fencing of workflow functions, machine learning technologies, biometric attendance regulatory and more. 

There are loads of other features that HRMS brings to the table which can help SMBs and startup companies in focussing on innovative product/service delivery mechanisms rather than dwindling with the gregarious task of internal employee management which can eat into the company’s precious time and monetary resources. To know more about us, check us out at or book a free demo by dropping us a line at

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