How to select the best HRMS for your Startup?


Tired of looking for the best HRMS for your Start-up? Then you have landed on the right page, as we are going to tell you about all the key HR modules that are required for a start-up or a small-scale business. A startup’s HRMS cloud solutions needs are completely different from an established company or enterprise and that should be taken into account as you search for HR software. A start-up faces several challenges in its former days therefore spending huge capital on resources and technology can be overwhelming for the founders. So, here are key features to focus upon during your HRMS selection process. 

With a variety of HRMS solutions, a variety of problems arises, some of them provide greater flexibility and a wider range of options which might not be useful for the start-ups. So, how would you assure that you’re getting the best value for your money? To ensure the full automation of the HR processes and avoid overpaying for functions and features that won’t be used, it’s better to start with determining your HR goals and strategy and taking the time to research the existing business process.  

Here are the things about HRMS automation software you need to keep in mind before making a purchase decision: 

Plan your HR strategy 

It is imperative to chalk out your company goals and objectives before planning to acquire cloud-based hr and payroll software. Review your current functions and overall business process and make adjustments in your HR Strategy for the coming years. Why? Because HCM software solutions provide a means for you to automate the processes which earlier required human intervention and were performed in an old-fashioned way. This in turn will save the time of HR professionals and help make a breakthrough in the areas where the employees may have been underperforming. 

Set the Budget 

Once you plan and align your company goals with business processes and resources, you can start looking for a budget-friendly HRMS system. At ZingNeo, we have designed the pricing model keeping in mind the start-up needs and challenges. So, before finalizing, make sure the package includes overall support for implementation and maintenance   

Define Your HR Software Needs 

Before buying an HRMS solution, have complete clarity on your business requirements. Prepare a list of the functions you need and that will prevent you from overpaying. Also, it would help you to organize your business process. 

The typical features in HRMS solutions that a start-up requires are listed below: 

  • Digital on-boarding 
  • Payroll management 
  • Talent acquisition 
  • Time and leave management 
  • ESS (employee self-service) 
  •  MSS (manager self-service)  
  • OKR and performance management 
  • Travel and expense management 
  • Learning management 
  • E-separation management 
  • Lifecycle events management 

Ask for an HRMS demo  

Lastly, don’t forget to test the HRMS software; to see how it works and how it can fulfill your daily requirements. Also, put a greater emphasis on its useability and user interface so that it doesn’t slow down the speed of work.  

cloud-based HR and payroll software is the need of the hour for every leading start-up, to optimize current processes, improve productivity and streamline communication between management and employees. So, start by planning your business goals and only then get down to considering possible software. After all, the right solution is not the one with the most positive reviews but the one which best fits your strategy. To learn more about ZingNEO-cloud HRMS solutions, talk to our experts today and request a demo to see how it serves your HR needs.  

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