How to select the best HRMS for your SMB?

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The HR software industry is constantly evolving with the growing needs of futuristic businesses to meet their aspirations of reaching newer heights. As per the study conducted by KMPG Digital Trends in 2019, “two-thirds of HR executives believe that HR has undergone or is undergoing a digital transformation,” but many companies feel they will only succeed in driving digital transformation by making a large software purchase, which requires a reliable—and often huge—budget. But that’s not true! The good news is for small businesses and start-ups, HRMS software is available at affordable price points and they don’t have to break the bank to integrate such a system into their business. 

In spite of tighter budgets and limited IT resources, small-scale businesses or start-ups need to centralize workflows and be efficient, especially when it comes to managing HR processes. In this blog, we’ll guide you on what to look for while choosing the best HRMS for your SMB

The cloud-based HR and payroll software for small businesses can ease the pain points by automating administrative tasks, record-keeping, and compliance, and by giving HR planners tools to find and retain skilled talents. In the present scenario, most technologies are moving toward a mobile-first approach, multi-channel management, internal collaboration models, and self-service portals. 

In order to get maximum return on your investment, it’s important to choose a small business HR solution that offers recent capabilities and intuitive access. Although solutions vary from one hr software to another, however, a comprehensive HRMS solution will offer some combination of the following features: 

-Time and attendance tracking 


-Leave Management 

-Performance management 

-Employee self-service 

-Applicant tracking and onboarding 

-Benefits administration 

-Collaboration tools (newsfeeds, internal messaging) 

-Mobile access (through native app or web interface) 

HRMS solutions for different types of small and medium businesses: 

Most of the advanced HRMS software saves upfront cost and eliminates the need for IT support and maintenance because they are designed that way to solve the purpose of SMBs and startups. With a basic HRMS system you can automate the following tasks listed below: 

Administrative Functions 

ZingNeo HRMS helps HR professionals to perform various managerial functions right from managing the workforce—payroll, time and attendance tracking, workforce planning, and regulatory compliance. The self-service portal—which lets employees access their work-related data and enter updates and requests—is also an integral feature for most advanced HR software systems in India

Workforce Management 

The primary focus of HR managers is to hire, retain, and develop the best employees, which is why it’s often regarded as one of their major functions. Modern HRMS like ZingNEO has several modules that offer hire-to-retire processes in one platform. These solutions primarily focus on recruitment, performance management, training, and development. Some of the best-of-breed applications are made to handle a specific aspect of talent management, such as hiring. 

Integrated Human Resource Modules 

These hr solutions provide end-to-end functionality across all areas of HR management including administrative aspects as well as recruitment, talent management, and e-learning. Some major HR functions are designed in modules, which can be integrated as per the need of the businesses. 

Our cloud-based HR and payroll software ZingNEO enables start-ups and newly founded companies to bypass the need of understanding complex payroll and compliance systems by automating the entire process. You just need to integrate the system and choose the modules that fit your business. Hence, it’s important to map out your goals and then only consider integrating an HRMS into your business. Talk to our consultants today and learn more about the features of ZingNeo or you can request a demo to see how it works in a small-scale business setup.  

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