How is HRTech shaping the new productivity for progressive startups?

ZingNEO HRMS productivity

HRMS is the technology that simplifies the functioning of HR processes of a company. In the constantly increasing competition of the corporate world, every business wants to strengthen its operation and structure and formulate strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 

The best part about our HRMS is that it is not only meant for large-scale enterprises but also supports SMEs and start-ups to align their business process. SMEs and Start-ups are one of the most bourgeoning business endeavors that are ready to make their mark in the industry, so to help them boost their ROI, our HRMS ZingNeo can contribute a significant part in terms of automating manual tasks and enabling the workforce to focus on the business area that requires human intellect. There is cut-throat competition in every industry so, in order to meet their requirements, numerous companies build their own software at different prices for these businesses. Hence, ZingNeo HRMS systems – designed specifically to fulfill the needs of SMEs and Startups and provide features and tools that would not exhaust the user and at the same time deliver a convenient and simple user experience – all at an affordable cost. 

Here are few ways in which HRMS can benefit SMEs and Startups in shaping their workforce and get utmost productivity out of them. Read on the key points listed below: 

Employee on-boarding 

Employee onboarding is a critical process that is not only important for the company but also gives a first impression of the company, to the newly hired employee. Therefore, any minute error or communication gap that happened during the process can cause significant problems for the HR team and the company as a whole. But with an end-to-end HR software system in place, this tedious process can become synonymous with convenience and ease. 

With ZingNeo you can facilitate quick onboarding and it saves time and cost for the company. It provides predefined sections and allows the employee to fill in the details, attach documents and edit the data if required. Unlike the age-old methods of manual onboarding, HRMS provides effective and technologically advanced means which can also be used remotely by small companies. 

Employee Self Service 

HR professionals remain busy with different managerial tasks so it might not be the best thing to engage them in monotonous and meaningless tasks like updating information of employees and so on. This might cause chaos and put additional pressure on the HR manager. Therefore, SMEs and Startups can utilize HRMS systems to allow self-service to their employees. This is not only a time-saving process but it inculcates a sense of responsibility in the employees. Your employees can check updates related to their claims or requests and it can easily be viewed in real-time and save the pain of hiring additional resources for managing HR. 

Performance Management 

An advanced HRMS allows managers and HR professionals to monitor the regular performance of their employees. It brings into attention factors like delivery timelines, work quality, time devoted to work, leave taken and attendance of the employee, and so on. 


Our HRMS ZingNeo helps start-up founders and HR managers in micro-enterprises to formulate and oversee the proper functioning of the business process and assess the performance of their employees. HRMS software also helps the employees improve their work quality and evidently increases the company’s output. So, if you are looking for the best HRMS for start-ups, then you can rely on ZingNeo as it fulfills the diverse need of a small business, and also key HR modules are integrated into one single platform. To learn more about our software, schedule a free consultation with our experts and explore the dynamic features of the HRM software. 

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