Top 6 checklist for new entrepreneurs starting a business

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Change is inevitable. And evolution is a process that’ll always stay to help human lives innovate. For centuries now, this pattern has governed the very existence of human-centric community living and interpersonal interactions. And unsurprisingly enough, it has trickled down to how corporations have been structured throughout the world. But since the 2000s, our societies […]

The Need For HR & Payroll Software and Its Advantages For SMBs

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Companies and institutions are everywhere and have shaped the course of human history for centuries now. As homo sapiens, we started off with incremental life-changing discoveries and in the process of building together entire civilizations, the thinkers within us modeled to revolutionize the pathways of our future. And in the process, we spent years creating […]

What are the key benefits of a good HRMS for a startup and small business?

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For any economy, big or small, startups and small businesses may not be the major contributor to the economy, but they certainly are the ones that truly reflect the locational and cultural intricacies of the place where they’re situated. And for that very same reason, SMBs and startups more openly and wholeheartedly connect to the […]

Top 5 benefits for entrepreneurs who are running a small business

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Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming as well as tough because it demands long work hours, huge responsibilities, managing clients and the people- who are essentially employees, stakeholders, vendors, and so on. There are times when entrepreneurs who are running small businesses or start-ups wonder why they ever went into business in the first place, […]

Five critical things needed for building a great engagement in your Start-up?

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Corporate-start-up engagement is literally one of the most debatable topics across the industries but rarely defined, it can be confusing for individuals like HR professionals and managers who are assigned to the role of building a great engagement.  Recently, a study conducted by 500 Start-ups and the result has shown that 68% of the top 100 […]

Top 5 benefits of deploying a great HRTech strategy for your start-up

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Many small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups shy away from investing in HR technologies because they think it’s expensive and superfluous. However, the right HRMS solution can be a great benefit to businesses if they choose the exact one that fits their specific and unique needs. In a recent study by Grand View Research, the HR tech market size is predicted to surpass 10 billion USD by the end of 2022.  In this […]

ZingNEO AI-enabled Best HR Software for Startups and SMBs in India

ZingNeo AI enabled Best HR software for startups and smbs in India

In this era of digital evolution and technological advancement, automation has become an integral part of the growth and furtherance of any organization. Most companies struggle to manage their huge workforce and their databases. Also, during the processing of payroll, HR goes through a lot of tedious processes to streamline monthly payments and managing tax and legal compliances. This is where the need […]

How is HRTech shaping the new productivity for progressive startups?

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HRMS is the technology that simplifies the functioning of HR processes of a company. In the constantly increasing competition of the corporate world, every business wants to strengthen its operation and structure and formulate strategies to stay ahead of the curve.  The best part about our HRMS is that it is not only meant for large-scale enterprises but also supports SMEs and start-ups to align their […]

Why SMB must invest in HR tech?


SMB’s aspire to be better each day. SMBs face obstacles that increase in size and scope as their operations progress.  Nearly 80% of businesses plan to exit the market due to a lack of financing, rising operating costs, or a combination of the two. However, they are most lacking in a professional organizational structure and […]

Steps SMB’s Can Take to Cope Up During Such Crisis


As the economy continues to falter, industries are struggling to continue the business. Small and Mid Sized companies are affected the most during such times. Here are a few steps SMB’s can take-: 1) Interact With Your Employees As the old saying goes, “communication is the key”, honest communication with your employees is highly recommended, […]